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It's time to command the stage and

To truly have your story heard, you have to be present, confident, and unapologetically YOU. Does that sound unattainable? I'm here to help.


Transform your audience.

Truth time:

Telling your story isn’t about the story.

It’s about you feeling brave enough to stand on the stage and share it. It’s about you feeling bold enough to let people react to what you’re saying without needing to control it. It's about you holding space for the transformation you’re allowing your audience to have by listening to you. 

(Oh, and this work will also positively affect your sales, marketshare, mindshare, and brand loyalty. BOOM. #MikeDrop)

I’m here to help you figure out your story out so you can tell it boldly and change the goddamn world Doing it. 

“Mike is the Spielberg for public speakers”

- Erin King, Bestselling Author, Top-Ranked Keynote Speaker

Mike Ganino • Mike Ganino • Mike Ganino •

Whether we’re talking Ted Talks, podcast episodes, self-help books, or board rooms, the “good” part of any good story comes from YOU and your ability to tell it.  

My job is to help you get to the core of your story and share it in a confident, unapologetic way that creates change. I don’t want you to just tell a cool story, I want your audience to be profoundly impacted by your words. 

When that happens, you create what I like to call a #MikeDropMoment. It’s in these moments that powerful shifts occur. Sometimes they’re for you, sometimes they’re for your audience. Either way, someone becomes more unapologetically themself. 

Much like a movie director, the job of a keynote director is to captivate the audience. By helping you own your power in your storytelling, we can transform your audience the same way Spielberg's Oscar winners do. 

My approach is all about transforming your relationship with your voice, body, and story. It's one thing to write about it - it's another to take a breath and speak the words out loud.

Well lucky for you, I'm really fucking great at seeing people. I am second-to-none at being able to carve out your core experience into a story that is dynamic, truthful, and rich — a story that hits right where the bone meets the flesh.

The approach I use to make all this happen is called The Mike Drop Method, and this is what it's all about:

  • Uncovering your story
  • Revealing your truth via voice and body work
  • Thinking like a director

This work is fun, deep, healing, and transformational.

You're here because you want to tell better stories. You want to tap into your full potential, but you aren't quite sure how to unmask the transformational story within you.

Are you ready for it?

You are the story  |  You are the story |  You are the story |  YOU ARE THE STORY

MY Role

I’m not here to coach you. I’m here to give you the kind of specific and actionable direction that Emma Stone, Viola Davis, and Jennifer Lawrence are getting on set to nail their transformative, award-winning performances. 

Keynote Director

And when our work is done, You'll do the same.


Get the director’s treatment on your idea, speech, and story to discover new ways to punch up your talk.

Let’s dive deep into your speaker platform and brand to discover what it takes to make you a legend.

Director's Cut Intensive

Legend Era Brand Intensive

The Dailies Video Review


Send me a video of your talk, and I return a play-by-play video reaction with specific suggestions for making it even better.

Director's Cut Intensive

InvestmenT: $971

Go from satisfactory to standing ovation with this 90-minute creative and developmental session where I dive deep into your idea, your speech, and your story to help you punch up your talk so you can confidently conquer the stage.

I’ll pinpoint areas where you can crank up the drama, enhance the comedy, or add a touch of suspense. 

This is a great fit for you if you’re already booked and busy but still missing that je ne sais quoi that will make your performance unforgettable.

Legend Era Brand Intensive

InvestmenT: $971

You’re a force in your industry. Now, it’s time to make sure your visual branding and messaging are made for the main stage.

In this 90-minute session, I’ll examine every aspect of your speaking brand and platform to identify how to elevate your positioning so you can step into your legend era. 

This is a great fit for you if you want to level up—in fees, in status, in gigs—or you know your current packaging doesn’t match the legend you were born to be.

The Dailies Video Review

InvestmenT: $971

In Hollywood, they review the day’s filming to make sure they get the shot they need. 

In this version, you send me a video of your talk (up to one hour), and I return a play-by-play video reaction with specific suggestions for making it even better.

This is a great fit for you if you’re looking for ways to improve your keynote’s impact and want to get a director’s insights on how to do it.

Keynote Directing

Want to deliver a transformational speech on stage? It’s time to hire someone with the directorial chops to see the things you can’t and the creative ability to envision what’s possible for you.

Let’s work together on it all—your talk, delivery, production, distribution, and marketing—as part of an ongoing creative partnership.

"Mike helped me create the signature keynote I'd been dreaming of giving.  He was so skillful, artful, creative in helping me create a #mikedropmoment."

“He should have charged me 5x as much because the VALUE I received was so astounding!”

“Working with Mike made me more compelling, more motivational, more relatable, and more myself”


— Erin King, Bestselling Author & Top-Ranked Keynote Speaker

— Tiffany Lanier, Change and wellbeing keynote speaker

— Laura Gassner Otting, bestselling author and TEDx speaker

The Keynote Confidential

Get a backstage pass to this Keynote Director’s insights on what it takes to become a speaking legend—delivered right to your inbox. 

    Want more #MikeDropMoments? 


    A speaking coach can help you get comfortable.

    Only a Keynote Director can help you become a legend.

    Your big ideas deserve an EPIC performance. If you’re ready to take your story from alright to epic, let’s chat.

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