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It’s time to phase out dull and ineffective corporate presentations. My keynotes and training sessions focus on shaping disengaged teams into inspiring leaders who drive real bottom-line results at every level of your organization.

Train impactful public speakers.

Corporate Public Speaking Training

In my past life as a corporate trainer, I was often asked to stick to the “tell them what you’re going to tell them, then tell them” formula. These presentations were often received with glassy eyes, yawning mouths, and disengagement.

People don’t ever do anything unless they feel like it.

Once I had the courage to start incorporating my own experiences in my presentations, I realized that I couldn’t go on relying on information alone: I needed to be attentive to my audience’s emotions.

The best way to sustain an audience’s interest is with a compelling & relatable story.

Audiences can tell when you’re not being truthful to yourself. Revealing your voice is a powerful way to connect and engage with them.

Authenticity is exciting

So you haven’t climbed Everest or gone to space. The chances your audience is full of aspiring astronauts are pretty slim! Your experiences are much more relatable and more engaging than you think.

Everyone has a story

Using a famous quote won’t sustain anyone’s interest for more than 30 seconds. To keep an audience hooked, you need to speak your truth.

Reveal your unique voice

“The quality of my presentations soared thanks to Mike’s direction and I am so grateful for his expertise.”

His focus on style, substance, and powerful storytelling is the perfect combination. With Mike’s help, my presentations are more interesting, more thoughtful, more visually impressive, and leave a lasting impression.

No matter your industry or speaking style, Mike will help you find and tell your story.

-Amy S. Griggs, Attorney

"There are two kinds of companies—those that have worked with mike and those that need to."


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We will meet for a 6 hour intensive at a top-shelf location. We will focus on your voice, delivery, and performance, and tap into what makes you unique.

When it comes to your business, you know your stuff better than anyone. Each of these sessions’ content is customizable to your specific need and industry.

- Kathleen Clem, President, Engage LLC

Customized Coaching

You will walk away from your VIP day ready to connect with your audience in an authentic way. The next time you take the stage, feel the crowd’s energy shift with every word you speak.

Engagements start at $15k

"More valuable to me than anything else I've invested in this year."

- Erin Lindstrom Producer, Founder, and CEO

By working with me you won’t be getting a formula for speech writing, or template for presentations. In fact, I believe that the worst thing you can do for yourself and the world is conform to what you think makes a good speaker. Each of us has a unique story to tell that has the power to inspire an audience and change them forever.

The worst thing you can do for yourself is conform to what you think makes a good speaker.

I'm Mike, and I'm here to blow your mind.

"I've seen a LOT of speakers, and Mike stands out as one of the best."

- Chris Webb, CEO ChowNow

Either. Both. Whether an on-site conference or workshop day, or a virtual event, Mike will customize the content to engage your audience. We can even design something that starts online and culminates in an in-person workshop or showcase for your team; or perhaps something that starts in-person and then extends the skill development across several virtual work sessions.

Are the speeches and workshops in-person or virtual?

No – and don’t trust anyone who promises that a lifetime of habits and conditioning can be fixed in a day. But you will walk away with clarity around your strengths as a speaker and communicator as well as simple repeatable systems for creating more engaging presentations.

Will we be transformed by the end of the talk/workshop?

We won't be talking about being nervous, saying "um", or worried about your hand gestures. What we will do is get to the truth of your message, your story, and ultimately your own self-expression

We've done public speaking and presentation training before. How is this different?


A speaking coach can help you get comfortable.

Only a Keynote Director can help you become a legend.

Your big ideas deserve an EPIC performance. If you’re ready to take your story from alright to epic, let’s chat.