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Keynote Directing

Keynote Speaker Training

Don’t just impress Your audience. 

Transform the way they think.

It’s time to hire someone with the directorial chops to see what you can’t and the creative ability to envision what’s possible for you.

Let’s work together on your talk, delivery, production, distribution, and marketing as part of an ongoing creative partnership.

Want to deliver a transformational speech on stage?

“Mike’s advice has immediately made me more compelling, more motivational, more relatable, and more myself.”

Over the years, I have consistently gone back to Mike to test out talks, from opening punch to storyline fidelity to the ‘mike drop’ closing, so I could be the truest version of me and create that critical emotional connection with my audiences.

- Laura Gassner Otting
Bestselling Author, Public Speaker, TEDx Speaker

Why do I need a Keynote Director?

A great public speaking coach can help you get comfortable. But only a Keynote Director can help you become a legend.

You already know the basics. So why waste your time with another course, public speaking coach, or group program that’s focused on “best practices”?

It’s time to get specific, clear direction on how to expand your range so you can deliver a transformational talk. (The kind people won’t shut up about.)

Trusted by brands like:

"This (Keynote Directing) was the most transformational experience of my professional career."

- Carolyn Stern: Emotional Intelligence Speaker, Trainer & Award-Winning Author of The Emotionally Strong Leader.

The VIP experience  |  The VIP experience  |  The VIP experience

A premiere private experience to help you craft your signature stories and embody them on stages, podcasts, and video.

1. Unlock the story within your experience

Using the Mike Drop Method, I'll help you not only unmask the story within you, but we'll also get to the truth-telling arc of your story.

2. Expand your storytelling repertoire 

Once we've got the story, we'll craft it to make your audience giggle, sob, and have an a-ha moment. This is where the #MikeDrop moments come in.

3. Learn how to fully embody your story

We'll workshop using the Five Stage Languages so you can bring your experience to life. You'll learn how to enhance your vocal and physical ability to full embody this story in a true self-expressive way.

4. Transform your audience 

We'll then integrate it all to create an unforgettable message that will not only transform your audience, but also transform your own relationship with your voice. Can I get a hell yeah?!

Here's how it works...

This is holistic 1 to 1 coaching for the human who is ready to make their next level of impact as a transformational storyteller. 

This is for the changemakers. 

Over the past 9 years, I’ve worked with keynote speakers, executives, industry leaders, and authors, helping them tell powerful stories in a way that transforms the audience.

With your big ideas and my directorial sensibilities, together we can create something truly unforgettable. 

That’s what a keynote director does.

take your talk from applause to a standing ovation.

The VIP Virtual Experience

  • Transformational narrative workbook
  • Five 90-minute virtual sessions 
  • One virtual video review session & critique
  • 30 days of direct voice chat support

The In-Person Experience

  • One-to-one planning call
  • Private 1.5 day intensive 
  • Virtual video review session & critique
  • 30 days of direct voice chat support

Investment starts at $8,000

You're getting the invites — to speak at events, to be interviewed on top podcasts, to be appear on TV... But there’s something missing, and you can’t quite put your finger on it…

Keynote Directing is an ongoing engagement tailored to your needs. Get my feedback and insights on all aspects of your talk, delivery, production, and marketing.

This is a great fit for you if you’re looking for an ongoing creative partnership with someone who can take your talk from applause to a standing ovation.

Choose which approach works best for you:

Erin King: Bestselling Author, Top-Ranked Keynote Speaker

“Thanks to Mike’s coaching, my mainstage keynote received a standing ovation & excellent reviews!”

If you want to create big mic drop moments for your audiences and take your talk from fine to fabulous—you need to work with Mike Ganino.

Neen James: Bestselling Author, Professional Speaker, Luxury Market Expert

“Hiring Mike is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my business.”

I was able to quickly implement his recommendations and saw an instant impact on client feedback, audience interaction, and my ease and confidence in the new storytelling and content adjustments.

Erez Yoeli: Economist at Harvard University, TEDx Speaker, Author

“I gained so many communication & storytelling skills that I could take with me for the rest of my career.”

I’m an economist, and it was critical for me to land my ideas with a broad audience while remaining academically sound. Mike took the time and care to help me achieve both goals, then guided me through performance prep until I could nail it on the big stage. 

Let's make you a legend.

Whether you’re improving your current keynote or working on something new, an executive sharing thought leadership or an author bringing your big ideas to the stage—your IP deserves a creative thought partner who can help you make the most of it with an unforgettable performance.

Ready to get started?