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Wine, Stories, & The Family Business with Anthony Giglio

March 19, 2020

Anthony is a wine expert who uses storytelling to motivate countless imbibers to trust their own tastes and relax the rules.

I met Anthony Giglio five years ago through our mutual friends at Brooks Winery. While this isn't a wine and wisdom episode where I pair with wine, I say, why not order up or grab a bottle of Brooks Wine if you can.

Grab some Pinot or Riesling or just grab whatever you've got — and turn up the volume.

“There is only one wrong answer when it comes to wine — white zinfandel.”

In this episode, we talk about storytelling, entertaining an audience, wine, saying “Yes, And” to opportunities that arise, and The Moth. Trust me you don't want to miss the retelling of how we got the opportunity to do The Moth as well as the life-changing impact it had on his family.

Anthony is a wine expert who uses storytelling to motivate countless imbibers to trust their own tastes and relax the rules. Giglio’s witty, unpretentious style has garnered him speaking engagements around the world at numerous events, festivals and auctions, including the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen, Pebble Beach Food & Wine, South Beach and NYC Wine & Food Festivals, as well as international destinations that include the Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Barbados and cities throughout Italy.

Additionally, Anthony is the Wine Director for The American Express Centurion Global Lounge Network, longtime Contributing Wine Editor at Food & Wine Magazine, leads private wine tours of Sicily, and has written 11 books, including the annual Food & Wine Wine Guide, Mr. Boston Official Bartender’s Guide, Cocktails in New York, and Passport to Italian Wine.

Throughout his career Anthony has attracted countless fans and admirers who appreciate his sense of humor as much as they do his insights and his perspectives. Among his many roles, Giglio is currently a wine reporter for CBS News Radio as well as the longtime “Online Sommelier” for the FOOD & WINE’s Connoisseur Club, via American Express Platinum. He has written for numerous publications, including New York, Esquire, Details, The New York Observer, Robb Report, Worth, Every Day with Rachael Ray and Parade. He has appeared on NBC’s Today Show, Food Network, CNBC, and FOX Business News and has been featured in The New York Times several times. He is also an occasional guest on American Public Media’s “The Splendid Table” with Lynne Rossetto Kasper. Giglio has been invited twice to speak at The Moth, a Peabody Award-winning not-for-profit organization dedicated to the art and craft of storytelling.

Anthony leads several trips each year to Southern Italy (especially Sicily) with his partners at Authentic Sicily. Who wants to eat, drink and laugh their way across Italy with Anthony? You do!

He's been on The Today Show and Food Network.  He's a two-time speaker at The Moth  where he took audiences on an emotional journey through the relationships between fathers and sons.


Listen Here, Fancy Pants from The Moth

Brooks Winery

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