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Master Your Unique Content Style as a Public Speaker

March 30, 2020

How to leverage your unique Speaking Style to deliver content in a way that lets you, your ideas, and your style shine in the spotlight.

When it comes to content creation, it can feel like a constant uphill battle to stay current, stay relevant, and produce the right content. From videos, to livestreams to short-form blogs to long-form articles to infographics and visual carousels — there are lots of choices.

And which is right (and likely most impactful) for you will depend on your unique communication style.

In this episode, Chloe DiVita and I explore how to leverage your unique Speaking Style to deliver content in a way that lets you, your ideas, and your style shine in the spotlight.

We designed the Speaking Style Quiz to help you determine which Inspiring Advisors

Inspiring Advisors

  • Create interactive experiences where you ask questions of your audience

  • Use Instagram stories to ask what's on their mind

  • Crowdsource ideas from your audience because you are at your best as an advisor who responds to the needs of the people in front of you

Innovative Visionaries

  • Let your audience ask you questions via a Facebook Live

  • Use Instagram stories to allow your audience to submit questions for you to respond to

  • Use short-form blogs to share your perspectives and point-of-views

  • Create a Twitter chat around a topic you want to share ideas on

Convincing Educators

  • Develop a tutorial where you teach your audience

  • Create a long-form article broken up into actionable curriculum

  • Craft a checklist that guides them towards learning something new

  • Use your Instagram grid to teach a mini-course over the course of a few text based images

Creative Curators

  • Design a stunning image carousel for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn

  • Create an infographic based on your findings and ideas

  • Curate a round-up blog where you ask experts for their ideas on a specific topic and then bundle them into one impactful article

Motivating Mavericks

  • Lead a live coaching session with someone from your community via Facebook Live, Instagram Live, or YouTube

  • Teach a live webinar where you focus on helping your audience take one specific action

  • Create a challenge where they show up once/day for 5 days to get a new action task

Persuasive Entertainer

  • Leverage your stories and ability to make people feel good via Facebook Live

  • Create a podcast where you interact with other experts around specific topics

  • Head to Instagram stories to share engaging, fun experiences that your audience can learn from

Curious about your style? Take the Speaking Style quiz to find out.

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