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Here For It with R. Eric Thomas

July 29, 2020

A picture of author R Eric Thomas

R. Eric Thomas is the bestseller author of “Here For It” and “Reclaiming Her Time” as well as “Kings of B’more”

Curious about the ROI of thirst tweets for President Obama? R. Eric Thomas can tell you all about it — and he does in this episode. We talk about crafting your voice, developing a character to create from, and why storytelling is the master form of communication.

R. Eric Thomas knows a few things about going viral — from a thirsty Facebook message about Obama, Trudeau, and Peña Nieto to writing for over 13 million daily visitors for to becoming a national bestselling author with his book “Here For It: Or How To Save Your Soul In America.”

We talk about Taylor Swift's new album, folklore; how to uncover your voice as a writer and public speaker; his approach to turning the frightening news of the day into hyperbole-filled clickable content. 

“She knew how to play the game, but she also knew she’d have to flop the board over,” R Eric Thomas talking about Representative Maxine Waters

Facts about R. Eric Thomas:

  • bestselling author of Here For It, or How to Save Your Soul in America,

  • his biography of Rep. Maxine Waters, Reclaiming Her Time, co-authored with Helena Andrews-Dyer, will be published in late 2020 by Dey Street Books.

  • he's a playwright, the long-running host of The Moth in Philadelphia and D.C., and he is a Senior Staff Writer for where he writes “Eric Reads the News,” a daily current events and culture column.

  • He won the 2016 Barrymore Award for Best New Play and the 2018 Dramatists Guild Lanford Wilson Award and received a 2017/2018 National New Play Network Commission.

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