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Making Bets in 2023

January 6, 2023

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What worked in 2022 and what’s ahead in 2023, especially for speakers, authors, coaches, and entrepreneurs.

Are you looking for ways to make your business more successful in 2023? In this episode, Mike Ganino shares  insights on what worked in 2022 and what's ahead in 2023. He also talks about the importance of making bets and staying improvisational in your business. If you're looking for ways to take your business to the next level, this episode is a must-listen!

  • What worked in 2022 and what's ahead in 2023

  • Finding your mic drop moment

  • Making bets instead of setting goals

  • The importance of audio in 2023

  • Small live retreats and events

  • The $100,000 speaker offer

  • Spiritual new age stories

  • Mike's big bet for 2023


“We have a different way of approaching it. Which may help you if you're a public speaker, an author, an entrepreneur, a coach whose job, whose profession, whose money comes from putting your ideas out into the world.”


[00:00:00] Mike: “Should old acquaintance be forgot and never brought to…” I'm just kidding. I'm not gonna sing to you. This is the episode. We talk about what worked in 2022 and what's ahead in 2023. We have a different way of approaching it. Which may help you if you're a public speaker, an author, an entrepreneur, a coach whose job, whose profession, whose money comes from putting your ideas out into the world.

[00:00:27] Mike: We'll talk about some of the things in 2022 that didn't work or we just didn't like doing, and so we're not gonna do any more of them. And some of the things that worked really well. So we're probably gonna do more of that. And also our best bets for 2023, and this is where you could probably learn a couple things.

[00:00:42] Mike: You could probably say, how can I?

[00:00:44] Mike: First off is, what is a bet in the first place and why should you make those? And why is it awful to set business goals and to set resolutions? And how can bets help you instead?

[00:00:54] Mike: This is something I'm borrowing from my time as an improv performer and actor. And then we're gonna talk about what I think those bets are, and there might be a few in here that you could use in your business.

[00:01:04] Mike: So let's jump in.

[00:01:06 – 00:01:38] Intro

[00:01:39] Mike: Let's take a quick little look back first at 2022, the year that for me, for our business. When I say our business, I mean The Mike Drop Method with my partner, Chloe DiVita. Who really, we've worked together for a long time, but this year really kind of solidified that a little bit.

[00:01:57] Mike: So when I look back at 2022, it was the year that kind of has saved the 2020s so far. And I know it's that way for a lot of my clients who are speakers or authors, folks who are coaches and entrepreneurs that this year kind of felt like…back. I don't even know what's normal anymore. But it felt back to like we are grooving and doing things and there's still little blips and there's still a global pandemic and there's still health stuff and there's still all these things, but it felt like 2022 kind of pushed us back into the good spot a little bit.

[00:02:29] Mike: And it makes sense, by the way, if you're into numerology like I am. The number for the year is six, which is like a very nurturing. You get that by adding the two plus zero plus two plus two equals six (2 + 0 + 2 + 2). That's a very like nurturing number. Um, and I felt nurtured this year.

[00:02:45] Mike: I don't know about you if you felt nurtured as well. I'm gonna talk in a little bit about the bets we're making for 2023, and the bets I think that public speakers, authors, coaches, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, people who make their money by sharing their ideas with other people – And I get that that's kind of everybody.

[00:03:04] Mike: Everybody makes money by showing up to work and sharing their ideas about code or writing code or producing. But I'm saying that like, you're actually showing up in front of people and either writing books or making videos, or putting together trainings or creating podcasts or giving speeches or leading workshops.

[00:03:19] Mike: That's your core money maker, your core way of growing your business. That's who I'm talking about here. So we're gonna talk about bets. Why you should make them and, and why I think that goals and resolutions are kind of silly for business people. It's, it just doesn't make any sense. And I'll talk about that, but I wanna talk about the 2022 year look back.


“These are people who have really kind of world changing ideas, stories, and a vision for how things should be. And it's been really, really rewarding to support them in that work.”


[00:03:35] Mike: And I'm super curious too, if we're connected on social, reach out. If we're not, then let's get connected. You can find me everywhere that you social. I probably social there too. Or you can email me also from the website, Let me know what's up. But 2022, I wanna hear what happened for you.

[00:03:53] Mike: This is what we did, uh, things that worked really well. We launched The Mike Drop Method officially. It had been a version of a solo private coaching that I did for people, but never a group program. So we launched The Mike Drop Method, which is our signature six month offering. It includes, uh, it's group coaching, but it's private coaching as well.

[00:04:15] Mike: There's both included in it, and it is everything to help you really nail that signature talk. Whether it's a, a story-based talk or, or a talk you're giving around a book, whatever it is. Really how to learn how to Write, Perform, and Direct it. Bringing in the experience that Chloe and I have had as performance artists.

[00:04:34] Mike: Really, I think everyone should be using that term in 2023. It's all of those things about being on stage, being on camera, and how to do it at this really high level. To become not just another person sharing and presenting, but to become a truly transformational speaker for your audience. That's what it, that's what it's all about.

[00:04:53] Mike: So we help people do that inside of this six month container. We launched that in May, and the people who've joined us just blew my expectations out of the water. These are people who have really kind of world changing ideas, stories, and a vision for how things should be. And it's been really, really rewarding to support them in that work.

[00:05:15] Mike: So we launched that. It's evergreen. People can join it anytime and, and, uh, you know, you kind of go along with it and we coach people every week and it's just like so rewarding every week to wake up and have folks in there to, to work with. And to do this work at this level. Really rewarding. The other thing we did this year was to make a bunch of small offers.

[00:05:39] Mike: Partially as paid lead magnet tools in a, not lead magnet tools necessarily, but paid ways to get people onto the list and, and starting to see Chloe and I as their trainer, as their teacher, as their coach in this space. But also they were just these small little workshops we wanted to create. And so they range anywhere from $7 to $97.

[00:06:01] Mike: And they've been really fun. We did,Tell Me About Yourself which is a short workshop on how to answer the question, “tell me about yourself” on a podcast or panel or something like that. We also did another one called the Story Performance Workshop, which was all about how do you combine storytelling and performance and why is it different than just writing a story?

[00:06:22] Mike: How do you put those together? That was really fun. And then our biggest one was the Magnetic Intro and Bio Workshop, which has now been delivered to over a thousand people at this point. And it's all about how to write a magnetic intro for your speech, not the introduction of your idea, not you giving your speech, but the person introducing you, which by the way is the real beginning of your speech.

[00:06:45] Mike: It's the start of the show. And that has been a really cool workshop to get out there. People are using it for their podcast introductions, so when the other person introduces their guest, they're writing these really fun, informative, playful, great introductions for that, for getting on stage. And then the.

[00:07:04] Mike: The intro, the bio part is all about the media bio. So what goes along with the show notes for a podcast that you're being a guest on, what goes along in the, um, in the website for the speech you're giving, for the talk you're giving, what goes along there? What goes along if you're being written about or something like that.

[00:07:22] Mike: Your PR bio in a way. So that's been really fun. We've had over a thousand students take that. And with that, the thing that we made in addition to those small offers was these Voxer coaching pieces. Which basically, Voxer is a voice like walkie talkie voice app; back and forth we can go, and we wanted to offer this upgraded version of working with us.

[00:07:44] Mike: And so we did hot seats for some of them and that was fun. That was really great. We did um, group Q&A session, which was fun. But then finally we tested this Voxer offer and I think we're gonna do a lot more of that in 2023. The Voxer offer is essentially, they could pay an add-on to the normal course and then work with us one-on-one.

[00:08:04] Mike: It's just them – really two on one, they get Chloe and I both – to work with them on notes, giving them notes on what they're working on with their intro, their bio, whatever, whatever the course was. So more Voxer coaching. Loved doing that, was really fun. And then also turning all of those courses that we did, those little mini workshops into audio experience as well. Turning them into short podcast episodes so that people who bought the course could also get the podcast.

[00:08:29] Mike: You're gonna hear a lot more about audio on this episode, so stay tuned for that. But audio, uh, adding an audio element to the course because it's one of my favorite ways to consume course content is being able to listen to it on the go. And then I can go back to the site and get the sheets or the worksheets or whatever I need.

[00:08:46] Mike: But to be able to listen to it on the go really has upped my completion rate for some of the courses, and my usage of the information in the courses I've taken specifically with Elizabeth Goddard, who is, uh, Lizzie, who is one of my mentors and coaches, and someone I've collaborated with here.

[00:09:05] Mike: And I just find myself really finishing things and really actually using the information of the course to do new things, like some of the stuff I've talked about so far even. So that was really fun in 2022. Uh, putting together corporate packages became really fun too, as well. For not only doing like a kickoff training with a group, but then offering them this extended coaching. Because for public speaking coaching, for storytelling, presentation skills, people don't get better because they came to a workshop and walked away like totally changed.

[00:09:33] Mike: That just gives them some ideas to use, some ways to think differently. But they really need to get the practice to get the reps in to get the rehearsals. That's where the directing side of Right perform and direct come in with the mic drop method. And so we started putting together these mic drop methods style corporate packages, which are going really, really well.

[00:09:54]Mike: There's this kickoff workshop and then this ongoing group and one-on-one coaching for people, and that's been really fun to deliver. So there will be more of that in 2022, as well. Or more of that coming up. But that's stuff that we loved in 2022. And then the other thing that really, really was fun in 2022 is VIP days.


“Making bets is saying, here's what I think might be happening, and so here's what we're gonna do because of that.”


[00:10:14] Mike: This is where I work with people one-on-one, um, to, to really take their performance and their talk that they've been giving and take it to that next level, to just really punch things up to what they could be. That's been super, super fun. I love offering it and it is the best way to take a current piece and really punch it up.

[00:10:33] Mike: It's the quickest, fastest way to really take something and make it funnier, make it wittier, make the stories more interesting, engaging. And I did, I think 12 or 15 of those this year with some of the top speakers and, and authors and it was really fun. I really loved doing that. Let's see what else? Gifs!

[00:10:52] Mike: There is a whole lineup of Gifs. If you go and search Mike and Chloe or Mike Ganino or Chloe DiVita in your Giphy app or Giphy inside of, uh, Instagram stories, you will see us. We made, we spent a couple of hours and did a whole bunch of Gifs and it was fun. There's mic drop gifts, of course. There's Gifs about, you know, mind blown.

[00:11:14] Mike: You know, cut it out. Everything. We had so much fun making Gifs. That was something we did in 2022 that was super fun as well. And then the other thing for me that's, uh, on a personal side is that every week I've had one day during the week where my husband is, not “off” cuz he's going working on another project, but he's a stay-at-home dad primarily.

[00:11:32] Mike: And one day a week he takes off and he, he works on other things. He's writing a book, he's working on a new food product that he's gonna launch in the marketplace. And so that one day a week I'm with Viv solo. Of course we have the weekends, but during the week I have that one day. So I've got four day work week and one day with her, and that's going really well.

[00:11:49] Mike: I love it. I love being able to spend that little time where it's just she and I put around doing things, dropping her off at school. And so that was one of the things I loved in 2022. Okay, here's the bomber stuff. This is stuff I didn't love to do in 2022. These are the things that I do not wanna do anymore, or that I stopped doing mid-year cuz they weren't working.

[00:12:09] Mike: All right, let's talk about that. I'm sure you got 'em too. There were really just three big things that I have kind of just like decided, I don't love. They're not worth my time. It's not worth the energy. I don't wanna. I mean, there's a lot of things I don't like doing, but these are the things that I've kind of written off.

[00:12:28] Mike: One of them are these big online summits. I just don't love doing. I don't love, uh, creating a workshop and going and doing it live in someone's, in someone's, uh, you know, they create a summit for it. There were a few that were really fun and if you saw me do some this year, they were probably fun. I love them.

[00:12:45] Mike: And if you're one of the people that invited me, thank you for that. I just find that the time, it just wasn't justified for, for how it turned out for the business. What I love doing instead, and I did this several times and I really enjoyed it, was doing more of a masterclass for someone's smaller group.

[00:13:02] Mike: So not a big everyone can sign up Summit, and I'm emailing my list and telling them, but where one of my colleagues has me into their group. I have gone into to several of them this year and taught a masterclass on public speaking presentation and storytelling and that I really loved. But the big email your list, here's the big summit.

[00:13:22] Mike: I just didn't love it. I didn't love it. Um, Yeah, wasn't for me. Didn't have fun. Not interested. No thanks. Bye-bye. I also, uh, I really don't love doing one-off hourly coaching sessions. I just don't love it. So we're not gonna sell it. Or actually we sell it, but it's really expensive cuz I don't love doing it.

[00:13:43] Mike: It doesn't gimme enough of a chance to really help someone in what I think is possible. So the smallest thing that we're packaging now is three sessions where we work together over time or a video review. Someone can send me a video and then I'll review it almost like a, like a YouTube reaction video, and I send them back the notes and a video of me watching them and giving them notes on what to do. That I really enjoy.

[00:14:04] Mike: But there's the one hour where we get on a call, it's totally blind. I hop on I'm, it's just not interesting. I don't know. I don't love it. I don't wanna do it. So we're doing the smaller packages or the video review, which is quite fun, and allows me to give people a lot of feedback and notes in a cost effective way for them as well.

[00:14:21] Mike: So that's something. we're not gonna do anymore. But here's the other way we're offering it. Maybe something you can do in your business if you do copy or something like that. For sure. And then the third one is these like launched based courses or products. Uh, I did one early in the year before we launched the mic drop method.

[00:14:37] Mike: I did a, a smaller course and did a big launch and then created it and, and created it first, and then launched it. I'm just not doing it. It's not fun. I'd rather have a bunch of small courses that we deliver live for the first time, a small workshop, and then we divide that up and, and turn it into a mini course and turn it into a podcast episodes.

[00:14:54] Mike: But the whole like, let me build a course and then go launch it. And I just don't, I don't wanna do it. I'm not in the game of like, build a huge email list and sell them – I don't care. So, I'm not doing that anymore. I've done that a couple times now and I just don't enjoy it. It was successful, made money, uh, changed some lives.

[00:15:11] Mike: Did all those things, but I didn't love doing it. So I don't wanna do it anymore. So we're not gonna do it anymore. No launch-based products. It's all gonna be short live trainings that we then repurpose and turn into something, and then The Mike Drop Method, either private coaching or that group experience that lasts six months.

[00:15:27] Mike: That's what we did in 2022. Let's talk about 2023.

[00:15:36] Mike: I first need to address the whole thing I've been talking about with making bets versus goals and resolutions. Here's the, I'm not gonna tell you about resolutions. You've read the stuff, you know everything. Nobody, you're not gonna stick to your resolutions and maybe you are, who knows? I don't know. I know that for business it doesn't really help to make resolutions to be like, we are going to do it this way, because a lot of stuff changes.

[00:15:59] Mike: Right. That's like saying… imagine if you had made certain resolutions at the beginning of 2020 before covid, before all the things that happened that year. And then you're gonna feel bad because you didn't stick to things that maybe don't make sense to stick to anymore. Or even set specific goals. I'm not saying, I know a lot of you're gonna be like atomic habits or this one, or whatever the thing is.

[00:16:19] Mike: I'm not saying those are bad to have. Those are great, but I'm saying to run your business based on goals that you have or by resolutions doesn't make sense. Here's why I like making bets. Making bets is saying, here's what I think might be happening, and so here's what we're gonna do because of that. And if the thing that you think is gonna be happening changes, then you make a new bet.

[00:16:40] Mike: You stay improvisational throughout it. You probably know my background was as a performer and an improv writer, coach, director, actor, all the things in there. And so taking this improvisational approach is kind of in my blood at this point. And I think that more entrepreneurs, for sure, more coaches, authors, public speakers, should be thinking this way, making small bets and saying, based on the landscape of where I am, based on the scene I'm playing today, which we're all in a scene today, here's what I think.

[00:17:11] Mike: Here's the bet I'm gonna make. This is what I think might happen and this is how I'm gonna respond to it. These are the things we're gonna test out, and if they don't work, you do something new. If they do work, you do more of it. If it doesn't work and you think, oh, there might be a different angle, you “yes, and” your way to a new approach.

[00:17:29] Mike: That's why I think making bets is better than setting goals. Because setting the goal: I wanna have X amount of speaking gigs, I wanna write a book, I wanna do this. It's just, it doesn't help you get it done. Whereas making a bet, here's what I think the landscape looks like.

[00:17:41] Mike: And so here's the, this approach to it. I think it's much better. So I wanna talk about some of the bets we're making with The Mike Drop Method, our coaching and training company. And I think there's some of these that you can probably learn from as well. There's probably some things in here that you think, Ooh, this is, this is…

[00:17:58] Mike: I can use this and I'll explain why. I'll explain those specific things to you like that I think you should be trying and testing out and giving a shot. So the first thing I think that we should all be considering as a bet is that audio is gonna be huge. Now, uh, if you're listening, you're, you are listening to this as a podcast wherever you're listening to it, it's a podcast.

[00:18:20] Mike: And so I'm talking about audio not as a podcast necessarily. I'm not one of those people that's like, everyone should have a podcast, put it on Spotify and do it. I don't think that, I think a lot of podcasts are quite, a lot of people shouldn't have podcasts. Not because I think their voice shouldn't be made, but because I think it's just not something they enjoy.

[00:18:37] Mike: And so they do it because they think they need to, and that then shows up in the work. What I'm talking about with audio is lots of other ways to…build connections with your audience. So we're gonna start doing a bunch of new audio based offers. The courses we have, the mini workshops, those are always gonna be turned into little audio offerings.

[00:19:00] Mike: So when we did Magnetic Intro and Bio, when you buy the course, which is available for 47 bucks, by the way, you also get an audio version. So you get a podcast version, you get a private podcast feed, you can download it to whatever Podcast app you like to use, and then you can listen to it. And it's not public, so you can't go find it.

[00:19:18] Mike: So don't go typing it into your podcast finder. It's a private podcast feed that we host with the company that we use. And so only people that we give the link to, that we give access to, can listen to it. And we can control that. We can pull it, we can do all the things with it that you can't really do with a public one.

[00:19:37] Mike: So as a private podcast feed, we offer that for our courses. But I'm also thinking that, a really useful thing for public speakers is – or authors, coaches – is offering other kinds of private podcast feeds. Don't even create a whole course. If you are someone who is in the health and wellness space, create a meditation.

[00:19:55] Mike: If you're a public speaking coach, create. A voice warmup that people can buy or that you can give them as a lead magnet. So they give you their email address and instead of sending them a worksheet, that doesn't build relationship by the way. When you listen to a podcast, when you're listening to someone in your ear, as you're walking around, as you're making breakfast, as you're doing your routine, as you're in your car, when you listen to them in your ear.

[00:20:19] Mike: That’s an intimate experience. Downloading someone's PDF and sticking it on your thing doesn't really help them build a relationship with YOU, whereas audio does. And video is difficult because, uh, it's harder to, it's harder to remember to get into versus the, the podcast, the private podcast feed is really easy cuz it shows up wherever they normally listen to podcasts.


“When you listen to a podcast… when you listen to them in your ear. That’s an intimate experience.”


[00:20:39] Mike: So if, if, if I were you, I would be thinking about how to offer podcast, private podcast feeds to your audience. We have, in The Mike Drop Method, we're talking with all the clients in there about them creating their own private podcast as lead magnets. So like at the end of the talk when they're like, “Hey, you can grab a, you know, worksheet that guides you through the steps” – instead…

[00:21:04] Mike: Give them a mini version of the talk as a podcast. Um, in the first couple of episodes, reiterate some of the key points. Teach them again, remind them what they went through. So they say, “oh yeah, I remember when she said that. I remember when he was telling me that.” Then, create a couple of episodes of like each of the steps, like, here's how you can get started doing this.

[00:21:21] Mike: Here's how you could do this. Create a little mini audio version of the lead magnet or the checklist you would've given them. Sure. Give 'em the checklist too, if you want, but that audio version recapping what you've shared with them, giving them more ways to, more resources, more ways to think about it.

[00:21:37] Mike: It's such a great way to build a relationship with that audience, which is the the thing we're in. So we're gonna go big on audio. We're gonna be doing a, well here the secret's coming out. We're thinking about doing a, um, TEDx talk based audio only course, so people are gonna pay for it. And it's, you know, x amount of episodes that guide you through creating your TEDx style talk.

[00:22:01] Mike: We're thinking about doing some for voice warmup, some for storytelling, where you get story prompts in this audio format. Some that are based on archetypes and storytelling around archetypes. So we're thinking of doing some paid audio only courses where there is no, like, you're not logging in and going into a course platform and watching videos.

[00:22:22] Mike: It's audio only, but then doing some audio only opt-ins as well. So people give us their email address so we can email them, and they get a podcast feed, a short podcast feed, a private feed that is around a certain topic so they can, they can go and learn and do things. That is something we are betting big on in 2023, and we will adjust and move from, and I think a lot of you should be considering that, as well.

[00:22:47] Mike: So that's, if you wanna talk about, um, how to do it, then reach out. Just reach out to us either on social @MikeGanino, um, wherever you use social or email me at or email us at And we'll help you figure out how to get started and, and how we got started, the tools we use and all that kind of stuff as well.

[00:23:07] Mike: The other thing we're betting on is, uh, small live retreats. Sure. Big public speaking things are back, kinda back. A lot of companies are really slow to come back, slow to send their people to things like that. Slow to make that investment again. I've had that happen to lots of clients. Some are bringing people back, but a lot of them have been doing it in smaller, smaller workshops.

[00:23:26] Mike: And things like that. So I think that smaller retreats are back. We're doing our first one in February in New York City. If you wanna join us, we would love to have you there. Um, it's called the Storyline Experience. Reach out if you wanna join that. It's in New York. It's off-Broadway, we're doing it in a theater.

[00:23:42] Mike: It's gonna be great. All around storytelling, performance, stage, presence, that kind of thing. But I think live retreats are back small, live events are back for sure. And we're betting on that. We're gonna try to do a couple of these and a couple of client only people have worked with this in the past, inviting them to get together, um, in a small group to work towards something.

[00:24:00] Mike: Uh, VIP days. I already said I loved them. We're gonna do more of those. We're gonna offer new, interesting ways to work with us at that level. We've got, um, some around media training, how to be better on camera and video during interviews and, and those kinds of things. We've got 'em for storytelling, for public speaking, so VIP days for sure.

[00:24:19] Mike: We got those coming up. I'm curious for you, how might you offer a one day kind of experience for your clients? They come in, they work with you, you go and work with them. Maybe you do it virtually and you help 'em achieve something in one day. How could you do that? I, I love it. It's one of my favorite ways to work with people.

[00:24:35] Mike: We're also gonna test this hundred thousand dollars offer. I know it sounds extravaganza, but we're gonna put it out there. Because it's aspirational, it's inspirational, and we're gonna put together this hundred thousand dollar offer. The, um, the hundred thousand dollars speaker offer that includes a bunch of cool things that, that help people, you know, who are at a certain level get to the next level.

[00:24:55] Mike: So we're gonna make a big juicy offer like that, put it out in the world. Uh, I'm curious what you could do with that. What could you do as a big juicy offer? Just put it out there. Just make a landing page. Don't spend a lot of time and, and all of those things like creating it because maybe no one will buy it, but really think through:

[00:25:12] Mike: What would I offer? If there was something that was a hundred k, what would it be? What would be exciting to the people? I love working with that. Maybe they would even look at it and say, I can't wait to be someone who can give him a hundred thousand dollars. I can't wait to pay her a hundred grand to do that experience with her.

[00:25:28] Mike: What would that experience be? Because I also think you can carve that up and offer it as some of those smaller live retreats, but if you had to put together a hundred thousand dollars offer to work with you, what would it be? What would you include? There's probably a bunch of that stuff you should be doing, but put together a hundred thousand dollars offer.

[00:25:47] Mike: I wanna see it. If you do it, message us. I wanna read what you got. Uh, 2023. We also, I think quizzes are still around. People wanna know what they're about, who they are. We had a quiz in, uh, 2020 that we launched, we took down, and I think we're gonna revamp it. We're gonna bring it back, we're gonna help you master that.

[00:26:04] Mike: So quizzes, I think those are gonna be back. People love them. They work really well for speakers as well, cuz you can add it as a front end where the audience does the quiz. And then during your speech you address the different types of, you know, personas or personalities in it. And they're all curious like, “which one am I? Which one am I?”

[00:26:20] Mike: People still love that. So quizzes, that's a bet we're gonna make in 2023. See how it goes as well. We're making a big bet on Spirit. Spirituality, in 2023 as well. We tend to be a little woo, but actually all the woo stuff is scientifically proven, so I don't really think it's woo, but, uh, numerology, you're gonna see us doing a bunch of new offers around numerology.

[00:26:42] Mike: Something I've been obsessed with for years, and I, uh, I know a lot I've, I just did readings for family members over the holiday season when we were visiting them. And I do it all the time for, for clients and friends. So we're gonna put some public things out there around numerology, couple podcast episodes, maybe some, some things around there as well.

[00:27:03] Mike: We've also, uh, you're gonna see us do some work around chakras and the stories that are related to our chakras. We're gonna be talking about archetypes, classic archetypes, um, new archetypes. We're gonna be talking about the misogyny and patriarchy of archetypes and how we can break out of that and think differently about how we all have these archetypes in us.

[00:27:21] Mike: There is no hero's journey. We are all the hero. And, uh, and there's a bunch of other stories we should be telling as well. Besides those, we're gonna be diving into a lot of those kind of Spiritual/ New Age. I mean, I feel like the new age has been forever. So, I don't really know that it's new. We're also back with weekly podcast episodes of the Mike Drop Moment.

[00:27:42] Mike: You're gonna be catching this podcast every week. We've got interviews coming up with Anthony Jack talking about his big TEDx, his book, his work, um, out there. We're talking to Neen James. We're talking to Katie Lance. We're talking to Lindsay Padilla about audio. We're talking about, we've got some coming up around comedy, directing, really, really cool interviews and episodes.

[00:28:02] Mike: Those are coming back weekly. We've also got a live show that we're gonna start doing and we're chopping it up. If you're someone who does a live stream, if you do a live show of any sort, I encourage you to think more like the producers of shows like the Kelly Clarkson Show, Jimmy Kimmel, all of the shows that you see on daytime or late night, they're all created differently than they used to be.

[00:28:29] Mike: Here's how. They're all created around these segments that can then be chopped up and turned into social. I'm not talking about like the whole idea of repurposing, although that's certainly what this is, but I'm talking about creating a 45 minute or hour-long weekly livestream live show that is actually created as a live stream.

[00:28:48] Mike: But then meant to be chopped up and turned into shorter episodes. So you design it for repurposing from the start. And think about Kelly Clarkson. She's got the Kelly part where she sings the interviews, the game segments, the this and that. This is how those shows are thinking because they realize that social media. YouTube. TikTok.

[00:29:06] Mike: These are the places where people are gonna consume that content. So how could you do the same? We're doing it by doing a live show that will be only broadcast inside of a private Facebook group for people that have been our clients or students. So anybody who bought something from us from $7 to private VIP days for $15,000 a day, all of those people are gonna be invited into this group, and then we will do the live show from inside that group.

[00:29:29] Mike: We'll take viewer questions, we'll do things inside of that group. Then that live show, we will take up and certain parts of it will turn into social media content that you'll see on YouTube and TikTok and Instagram Reels and stuff like that. But the live show is gonna be only inside of our client only Facebook group where someone had to have worked with us, even if it's just the $7 offer.

[00:29:51] Mike: They had to have been a client, a paid client of us at some point to do that. And that's another big thing we're testing that we're making a bet on in 2023, is that the client only group could be a really cool place to, to uh, share and, uh, and be together. Other big bets that you're gonna see, the Voxer coaching already told you about that before.

[00:30:12] Mike: It's that live app. It's a walkie-talkie app, essentially, offering people coaching with us one-on-one through that app where we go back and forth. And so instead of having an hour where there's a lot of pressure on you as the person we're coaching, and us as the coach to pack a lot into an hour and to remember all the things we say, to take back and say, okay, I gotta re rewrite this.

[00:30:34] Mike: I gotta do that. What do I do? What am I doing here? Instead of that, instead of having to watch the replay, you get like a full day of working through something with us. Working through a story, working through your opening, working through your close, working through some piece of your, your work, and it's just so much easier.

[00:30:51] Mike: It's so much more effective for the kind of coaching we do. So we're gonna be doing a lot of new Voxer offers as well. And if you're someone who sells hourly coaching, I wonder if you could make a similar bet? If you could make a similar bet around Voxer coaching? It is really, really fun. It reduces so much stress, and I think it's a much better option for your clients as well.

[00:31:16] Mike: So we're gonna keep making bets on that. Uh, what else are we making bets on? Short form video. Two big bets I think that we all should be making is that short form video isn't going anywhere. This doesn't mean that you need to learn, you know, the latest trending dance or something like that. In fact, I think those are probably going by the wayside.

[00:31:34] Mike: We wanna hear your voice, we wanna hear your ideas, and even if it's just you with a trending sound over the top with really great writing on top of the video, you'll see a bunch of my TikToks look like that. We wanna hear your voice and your words, right? Short form video and writing I think aren't going anywhere.

[00:31:53] Mike: The best short form video creators are gonna win this year, and the best writers for the internet, specifically, are gonna win this year. So those are two things that we're betting big on and we're doing more blog work. We're doing more caption writing work, we're doing more short form video content because they don't think it's going anywhere.

[00:32:12] Mike: And I think that the people who invest in it now are gonna be really happy at the end of the year. So I wonder if you'll make a bet like that as well. And then the last big bet that I'm gonna make here is, uh, around some summits. We're gonna start doing these short storytelling summits. Uh, and not the same way that you heard me talking earlier about like those online summits where people, you know, you have to, to be a speaker, you have to have an email list of a certain size and you email and it's just a big like swap of emails.

[00:32:45] Mike: Not like that. We're gonna be doing these storytelling events, so we're gonna teach a little bit of storytelling live at these events. They'll probably be like two half days or maybe a full day. They're coming up. I don't know what what we're gonna do, but it's gonna be something like that. And we're gonna teach storytelling.

[00:32:58] Mike: We're gonna help people actually with some storytelling that they can use in a speech or, or in a show or something like that. But then also have our clients who we've worked with before, come and share stories. So to be like The Moth, plus a workshop. So the Moth are these really popular storytelling workshops that people, or storytelling events people go to.

[00:33:17] Mike: So we're gonna have those people come in, they're doing a seven minute story. And then also, we're gonna be teaching how you could do what they're doing as well. So that's a bet we're making in 2023 that I think is gonna be really fun. Uh, it's just something I wanna do. I guess that's the ultimate bet for 2023.

[00:33:33] Mike: That we should all be making is do more stuff that you're excited about. Make a bet that the things that excite you, that you want to create, the things that you wish existed. Make the bet that other people believe that too. Make a bet that the things that excite you, the things you wish existed, that if you created them, other people would think it too.

[00:33:56] Mike: I think that's a bet worth making versus continually just doing stuff and hoping it sticks. Hoping someone likes it. Doing the ideal client avatar game, or you try to create things hoping that someone likes it and then you never know. Make stuff you like and I bet the world will respond.

[00:34:12] Mike: So 2023 things that are up for us: Joy. Full self-expression. Getting paid for your magic. For our magic. Telling stories. Telling more stories. Telling great stories. Telling fun stories. Telling stories with great pacing, with great adventure, with great journeys in them. Showing all the way up. That's what we're doing at 2023. Calling yourself a performance artist.

[00:34:36] Mike: Yeah, that's what's up in 2023. Asking for what you need in order to deliver your brilliance. That's what's up for 2023. We're so excited about this year and what's coming up. Join us next week for another episode of the Mike Drop Moment and uh, find us everywhere you find things online. Look us up: Mike drop. The Mic Drop Method.

[00:34:57] Mike: The Mike Drop Moment. Mike Ganino. We'll see you on the internet. Bye.

[00:34:57] Outro

“Make a bet that the things that excite you, that you want to create, the things that you wish existed. Make the bet that other people believe that too.”



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